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gilded image the art of katy quinn


I live and work in Scotland - creating hand rendered images on glass by combining glass with precious metals. These materials have their own inherent beauty in the way they respond to light.

I depict places I find meaningful, moving and atmospheric - their stories and their effect on emotions and imagination. These are usually remote, wild, northern landscapes I have visited including Iceland, Norway, Finnish Lapland and - in particular - my chosen home of Scotland, with its ever-changing light, weather, moods and its enigmatic material culture.

My chosen media also allows me to achieve a high level of detail for observational studies of flora, fauna and finds. I do not use printing or decals to create work. The concentration required for detailed studies is significant as I truly 'see' through the drawing process and because the minute elements of our natural world are easily overlooked and just as important as our wider environment.

I also create more intimate, wearable pieces which I mount in handmade silver settings and enjoy working to commission.